Friday, 9 February 2018

Long time.. no post

We're still out there, it's just not much has changed.  Still supporting projects and raising funds... speaking of which

Lips 'n Sync

The next fund raiser will be the annual Lips n' Sync concert in April (Onlynten weeks away) so its time start thinking of an act to perform. We hope we see everyone there  Previous years events have always proved..... entertaining.   Info on the last event can be found here so you can see what it is all about !

Donations Transfers

Because we don't visit Cambodia as often we have found a way using Citibank to transfer money that's feeless, with an excellent exchange rate so we currently transfer sums when the exchange rate is good rather than have to take a punt on our next visit coinciding with a decent exchange rate !

We still have one student going through university undertaking anand sponsoring the awesome work being done at Choice in Phnom Penh and the Goodwill centre who have gained official Cambodia accreditation under the new name of Bomnong Lor in Sihanoukville.


If anyone is interested in making regular donations, which makes it much easier for us to budget,  please contact toni via phone on 6649 4263 or email

Wednesday, 22 March 2017

2017 Lips 'n Sync all over !

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Another great night of entertainment in very soggy conditions. Unfortunately many locals from across the Clarence Valley either couldn't get out, or sensibly turned back due to the flooding.... so the numbers were down but as they say, the show must go on.

Stage being set up

Hall starting to fill up on a very rainy night

Awesome buffet of delectable dishes prepared by local cooks !

Enjoying dinner !

As everyone probably knows by now, this event is held to raise funds for various charities and projects we support in Cambodia. You can read about those by going back through this blog. The way the evening works is that locals donate some wonderful meals and their time to entertain the masses by lip syncing to a favourite tune.  We play the tunes through the night on the big screen before the local stars start.

Youtube links to the original songs are below, along with links to the performances put on by the locals

Trevor and Toni performing  Promises - Baby it's You

Miwah and Aliah chose Madonna - Lucky Star

(unfortunately for copyright reasons, Youtube removed this link so it's on Vimeo here)

Bob Warner doing  Steve Harley and Cockney Rebel - Come up and See me, make me Smile

Wendy Birch, Aliah, Miwah and Shiann  ABBA - Dancing Queen

Merrell, Jenny and Laena doing  Donnalou Stevens - Older Ladies

Toni, Anni, Laena, Annie & Trevor doing  Gwen Stefani -  Hollaback Girl

We also had a surprise soliloquy from Andrew Robinson.


After paying for raffle prizes and hall rental, we ended up raising $729.30. We had $200 in donations from some of the people who couldn't make it on the night because of the rain, which was unexpected but appreciated.

Hopefully everyone had an awesome night and we hope to see you next year. The event just keeps getting bigger and better each year with this one being the third so far !

Big big thanks to everyone who donated meals, performed on the night and everyone who attended.


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Friday, 20 January 2017

2017 Lips 'in Sync ! Fundraising night

Plans are underway for the 2017 'Lips N Sync' fundraising night. Put the date aside for an awesome evening on 18 March 2017. The last two years events were fantastic ..... heaps of fun and will live on in the annals of Nymboida's musical history.

2015 Event

2016 Event

It's your chance to be a star! Its karaoke without the bad vocals!

Thinking of performing ?  What to do:

Email me with the name of the song you will mime, or preferably a link to the Youtube clip, dress as your artist of choice and ' work it, baby!'

Thinking of donating a meal ? What to do:

Toni is seeking donations of home cooked meals for the buffet. Please let me know if you can help out. 

Thinking of turning up for an awesome evening ?

You get a delicious smorgasbord meal, donated by awesome locals from Nymboida, and some great entertainment.  The door charge is $15 for Adults, $5 per child. All proceeds go to our projects in Cambodia.  Don't forget to BYO drinks.

You can download a flyer suitable for printing here and for email here

Monday, 7 November 2016

Wow.. what a night at Nymboida's Grand ol Oprey !

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WOW.. what a night of musical wonderment

The sublime Geordie Little

What a fantastic night this was. I mean the crowd whistling, cheering, clapping, screaming kind of fantastic. First we all enjoyed an absolutely delicious buffet prepared by our talented local gourmets followed by some of the best musical performances ever to grace the stage of the Nymboida hall.

A HUGE thank you to all the volunteers who helped organise the event, all the volunteers who came down and helped clean and set the hall up to make it a magical night. Thanks also to the culinary whizzes from all over Nymboida who donated meals for the event and Phil W for his mixing skills. Finally, thank you to the musicians who really made the night such a success. Annie and Al, locals from Nymboida, Sam.I.Am from Pillar Valley and of course the guitar virtuoso Geordie Little.


Here's a link to the photos

Videos on Youtube

And as a special treat we have links to several of the videos that were taken on the night. 

Annie and Al

Annie and Al

Unfortunately our 'cinematographer' was busy eating while Annie and Al were on stage and missed getting video of their performance ! We've spoken to him sternly about this tragedy.


Sam can be found on Facebook here

Geordie Little

and Geordie has plenty of music you can listen to on his web site here and you can follow Geordie on Instagram here

Fund Raising

The evening was a joint fund raiser for the Nymboida Community Groups Incorporated and the Cambodian charitable organisations and causes we support. So a huge thank you to everyone who attended and supported this amazing event.

Wednesday, 28 September 2016

Fund Raising Concert

Concert Fundraiser

We have some exciting news. We were contacted some time ago by Australian born, German based musician Geordie Little who wanted to know if we were interested in hosting a concert at the Nymboida Hall. Geordie will be touring and promoting his latest album from Adelaide to Byron Bay in October/November so we jumped at the chance and talked with the local Community Group, NCGI, as well as some of our wonderful local musicians Tommy Feather and Annie & Al, to turn it into a great night.

When and Where

6:00pm Friday 4th November at Nymboida Hall. A buffet will be available with yummy food donated by locals to help us raise funds for the various projects we support in Cambodia and NCGI. 


Bookings are essential for catering purposes.
Tickets are $10 per head. Buffet dinner $10 per head.
You can book by contacting Toni on 6643 4263 or via email

Donated Meals

If any locals want to help with a donated meal for the buffet, please contact Toni on 6649 4263 or via email

Cambodia Visit

As a reminder, we will be visiting Cambodia in February 2017 along with one of our long term donors. Its really exciting to be able to share our projects with our donors to reinforce that the donations are really making a difference.  Its not only important for us to see how the projects we support are going but also to catch up with the teachers, families and students that we support.
If any of our supporters would like to tag along on the trip with us just let us know.